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Established in 1975 with proven quality education


The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) has attracted intelligent minds from all across the globe to experience world class education. Perpetual help system DALTA is all about creating “Academic Excellence” and “World Top Professionals”. This is the destination of choice for education, hospitality, discovery, creativity and innovation.

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) founded in 1975 is a highly recognized university in the Philippines. It has 3 major campuses in Las Pinas, Molino, and Calamba. Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippines granted AUTONOMOUS STATUS to University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, Manila, Philippines. It is a co-educational institution with over 20,000 students complemented by more than 1000 faculty and support staff.

Our Chairman of the board Dr.Antonio L. Tamayo holds a Masters degree in Hospital Administration from George Washington University and a Ph.D in Organizational Development. Vice Chairman Dr.Daisy Moran Tamayo, Masters in Nursing from New York University, USA & Ph.D in Organization Development.

Proven Quality Education

UPHSD has provided quality medical education for over 46 years. It is also one of the top colleges situated in Philippines. The quality of the education they provide is the reason why most of the Indian students prefer UPHSD over other colleges in Philippines.

hands on clinical practise

UPHSD Philippines Provides students clinical exposure to the students so that they can get an opportunity to learn about the workings of the hospital. This helps the students to understand more about dealing with patients and dealing with care.

state of the art facilities

The UPHSD, Philippines provides state of the art facilities to its students. It contains highly modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories and research centres which helps the students to gain their education with a high efficiency.

1000 bedded hospital

The hospital contains an in campus hospital which is ranked among the nations best hospitals. It also provides a fertile ground for the future doctors to train for the medical programme. The hospital is also maintained with higher standards.


The UPHSD, Philippines provides a great quality education that it produces topnotchers every year. The cutting edge curriculum provided by the university produces quality graduates who excel in their fields.

Autonomous status

CHED has granted this university an autonomous status since 2017. The autonomous status helped the university to expand its features and increase the quality of education provided to the students.

in campus accommodation with indian food

Education Parks Education Consultancy provides in campus accommodation facility which provides security to the students round the clock and also has a facility which provides Indian cuisines with both north Indian and south Indian variants.

listed in MCI/WHO

The UPHSD Philippines is one of the main colleges which is recognised by both the WHO and the MCI. Universities will only be recognised only if the standards and the quality of the education is high. Thus UPHSD is a very good institution to pursue your MBBS.

Green Campus

UPHSD is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment. University campus provides an environment and atmosphere that is conducive to learning. The university believes that a clean, green and a pollution free environment provide a natural backdrop for an effective learning experience. With world-class teaching and research hospitals at its doorstep, university campus also wraps around the open green spaces of Japanese garden and European garden and is just blocks away from the university chapel.

  • Improved and quality education to Indian students


The Classrooms are supported by a team of service providers from across campuses that are committed in offering quality education. The UPHSD has invested a lot in modernising their classrooms in the past couple of years. The classrooms are designed to deliver quality content of teaching to the students of the UPHSD. UPHSD management believes in the fact that modernising is the key to deliver good quality education.

  • World class education infrastructure
  • Fully modernized class rooms


The UPHSD libraries are famous for having the largest libraries in the Philippines. Many types of medical articles and magazines are provided to the students. There are three libraries inside the campus providing infinite knowledge to the students.

These libraries provide quality service to the students. The library consists of all the books related to medicine.

Anatomy Laboratory

Anatomy Lab with 16 dissection tables, 2 preparation rooms, cold storage, demonstration area, and space for future research.


A dead human body that is used by medical students to learn anatomy and dissect cadavers as a part of their education.

Digital Laboratory

The Digital Lab has 2 Virtual anatomage tables to learn the anatomy digitally

Digital Cadaver – Anantomage Table

A Virtual Human Body dissection tool for highly accurate real anatomy view. The library also consists of latest medical journals and magazines so that the students can be up to date about the new medical innovations around the world.

Clinical Clerkship

Clinical clerkship are the final phases of the medical program in which medical students or future doctors get an opportunity to visit hospitals, learn medicine practically through working in hospitals, dealing with patients, providing patient care and treatment under the supervision of a health practitioner.

  • Hands on practise
  • Interact with patients
  • Patients case history
  • Surgery team
  • Know about treatment for the disease
  • Exposed to various disease patterns
  • ER/ICU/KIDNEY transplant unit
  • 12 hours to 24 hours duty

Safety & Security

Security is considered as one of the top priorities inside the campus. All the blocks are monitored with high resolution cameras with advanced controlling options. The high-resolution footage from all the cameras is monitored through the high end Video Management System. Each academic and hostel block has its individual security system to meet its unique needs.

  • Secured campus
  • Trained securities
  • 24×7 CCTV surveillances
  • Entry/ exit id card access system
  • Camera installed in entire campus
  • Monitored through high ended video management system


The Sports and Cultural committee focuses on extracurricular activities of the medical school. Excellent infrastructure for sports and games at Perpetual University has attracted attention of various sports associations at national level.

  • Volleyball Court – (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Basketball Court – (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Football Ground & Athletic Track
  • Swimming Pool

Faculty & Staffs

UPHSD faculties are experts in the knowledge of the subject and having high academic performances. UPHSD Faculty and staffs are Known for innovation and effectiveness in preparing motivated students for highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior required for medical practice. As education is based on prior knowledge, UPHSD’s professors are providing learning experiences that expose differences between students’ current understandings and their new experiences.

  • English speaking Staff
  • Faculties from top colleges
  • Experienced teaching staff


Gross Anatomy




Preventive Medicine & Community Health


Principle of Medical Practice

In the first year, Class lectures are delivered mostly through computers using LCD projectors complemented by slide/ film showing, laboratory work and group discussions. Pedagogy and Bioethics are incorporated in Principles of Medical Practice. I An introduction to medical Informatics is incorporated in Preventive Medicine and Community Health before the biostatistics session. Problem-based learning is gradually introduces in certain topics in Biochemistry and Physiology.

General Pathology

Medicine I



Clinical Pathology


Preventive Medicine and Community Health II

Surgery I

Principle of Medical Practice II

Obstetrics I

Pediatrics I

Psychiatry II

In the second year, small groups of students begin to meet patients in the actual hospital setting where they are introduced to history taking and physical examination.

Medicine II

Surgery II

Pediatrics II

Obstetrics II

Pharmacology II

Preventive Medicine and Community Health III

Clinico-Pathologic Conference/ Special Topics in Pathology



Psychiatry III



Legal Medicine/ Medical Jurisprudence

The third year involves didactic lectures on common diseases encountered in clinical practice as well as interesting or rare conditions. Pathophysiology is reviewed while clinical features, diagnostic approaches and principles of management are emphasized.


10 weeks


8 weeks


8 weeks

Obstetrics & Gynecology

8 weeks

Preventive Medicine and Community Health IV

4 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


2 weeks


4 weeks

Seminar II

The fourth year or clinical clerkship is mainly spent in actual patient care with the University Medical Center serving as the clinical laboratory. Hospital rounds and group discussions give the student a good perspective on bedside manners, diagnosis and management. The clerks rotate through the different clinical departments for 48 weeks with periodic evaluation.

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